Manual Vs. Electric Meat Grinder: A Quick Comparison

Want to use a meat grinder? Want to find out which grinder is better?

Find more about the advantages and disadvantages of Manual meat grinder and Electric meat grinder while the comparison is made between the two grinder-types.

Manual meat grinders

Manual Vs. Electric Meat Grinder

If you want to use it in the kitchen to grind your meat on your own, then manual grinder is the best. It is available at low cost and easily affordable. The manual grinder needs limited space as it is in smaller size. It fits well in the smaller sized kitchen. The manual grinder is easy to handle, if grinding work is limited. The manual grinder is easy to use and clean.

You have to use your strength and muscle-power to grind the meat. Grinding the meat is a part of hard work. Also to clamp the hand crank or manual grinder, you need a solid area with smooth surface. The decorative kitchen counters cannot hold the manual grinders and grinding becomes difficult. When grinding large amount of meat, make sure that you grind the meat part by part and also make it cool before and after grinding. The meat is fed by hands into the manual grinder and it can spread pieces of meat all over the place.


  • Low cost grinders with simple mechanism to use.
  • Used rarely for small amount of meat.
  • There is no additional cost, once you fix the manual grinder in your kitchen.


  • The manual grinder requires hard work to grind the meat manually.
  • It turns messy while grinding and the small pieces and juices of meat will fall around.

Electric meat grinders

The electric grinders are more powerful and faster while grinding the meat. It doesn’t require any hard work also, because the electric grinder works on electric motor attached to it. It has sharp grinding mechanism which grinds the meat and makes it soft in no time. The use of electric grinder is based on plug it and use technique. The electric grinder remains clean and no pieces of meat will come out of the grinder.

The electric grinder is expensive than the manual grinder when the prices are compared. But the electric grinder offer better grinding services and works faster which is clearly an advantage. Along with the higher cost of electric grinder, you also have to pay higher electricity bill when the grinder is used often for longer time.


  • Easy to use and efficiently grinds meat of any amount in short period.
  • It doesn’t need any hard work, while using the electric grinder.
  • The grinder remains clean and the meat doesn’t spread around while grinding.


  • It is costly meat grinder.
  • It works only on electricity and can cost you more.

Which is the best grinder to use?

According to the personal references, some people will prefer manual grinder because of its low cost. Also if there is a small amount meat is required to grind then manual grinders are most suitable. But the electric grinders are mostly preferred by the people who want to grind more meat or who want to grind the meat on regular basis. For some people higher cost of electric grinders is worth paying as it grinds any amount of meat efficiently.


The choice to buy the grinder depends mainly on two factors which are most common among the people who want to buy the grinder.

  • Necessity of the grinder: If a person needs a grinder for grinding meat every day. If you want to use it for commercial purpose, to use it in the hotel or restaurant then you should go for electric grinder. But if you want to use it to grind limited amount of meat at home once in a while then the manual grinder is best choice for you.
  • Cost of the grinder: The cost of grinder is also a reason for the buyer to think about the deal. If you find the cost of electric grinder is too high and you cannot afford it then you can choose the manual grinder. If you find the cost of grinder reasonable and you are going to use it often then electric grinder is the right choice for you.

There are many branded meat grinders available in the market. Even you can buy it from online shops.   You can think about the above given points before you make your mind.

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