How to use Pit Boss meat probe on the Pit Boss smoker as a pro

Easy-to-use smokers and barbecues are made by the firm Pit Boss.

On the grill, the meat must be cooked to the proper internal temperature.

On the other side, if you don’t cook beef at the proper temperature, your steak may be overcooked or undercooked.

You can consistently cook your meat to perfection if you know how to utilize the Pit Boss meat probe.

In fact, cooking the meat with a probe can help to achieve the right internal temperature of the meat!

How to use Pit Boss meat probe: Top Recommendation 2023

Pit Boss grill

These little ones will revolutionize your grilling technique by fusing precision with practicality. I’d want to talk about one particular technical aspect of these electrically propelled machines today.

Meat probes

What exactly is a “meat probe” and how to use Pit Boss meat probe on the grill?

The gear for the Pit Boss is the digital meat probes.

In reality, all that is being done here is using temperature probes to keep an eye on precise temperature readouts and then send that information back onto a digital readout.

You can adjust the probe’s temperature regulation settings to suit your needs. This probe may also show the temperature on a screen or your phone.

The meat probes are virtually always right in terms of accuracy. There is no chance the instrument will provide you with a misleading reading if your probe is not damaged.

The probe will only be off by a maximum of one or two degrees. To be safe, you can also check the temperature of your meat with a manual thermometer.

Why to use it?

When cooking poultry, pig, beef, or lamb, the easiest approach to verify the internal temperature of the meat is using a meat probe. This guarantees that your meat is properly cooked and neither undercooked nor overcooked.

The following are the justifications for employing a meat probe:

1. To avoid illness

To avoid any disease brought on by bacteria like E. coli or salmonella, you must employ a specific cooking temperature. These germs can live and sicken you if the meat’s internal temperature isn’t high enough.

2. Boost food grade

Utilizing a meat probe enhances the nutritional value of your meals. Meat that has been cooked at the right temperature will be more succulent and tasty. Your meat will be tenderized as a result of the balanced cooking.

3. No more speculation

You won’t ever have to guess whether your food is done thanks to the meat probe.

Simply place it in the area of the meat that is the thickest and keep an eye on the temperature. Your food is ready when it reaches the correct level!

4. Simple cleanup

Simply remove the digital meat probe from the meat after each usage, then wash it in soapy water. Prior to storing, properly rinse and dry.

Use a Pit Boss meat probe cleaning brush for the best results for cleaning Pit Boss grills and Pit Boss temperature probe.

How do you use meat probes on Pit Boss?

A meat probe can be a very effective tool for determining the food’s temperature. By doing this manner, the temperature won’t drop as a result of constant lid lifting.

To successfully use a meat probe from a Pit Boss, follow these procedures:

1. Check the meat probe

You must thoroughly scrutinize the flesh before you pierce it with the probe. Examine the probe to see if it is broken, has any sharp edges, or is functioning properly.

You won’t receive an accurate temperature reading if the probe has a problem. The precision of the meat probe used by the pit boss must be ensured by this action.

2. Insert the probe into the sockets

The grill you have has two containers. These are the places where the probe needs to be inserted. You can pick from either the 01 or 02 containers.

Make sure your grill is not plugged in while you are doing this. When the probes are properly attached, you will be able to tell when they make a clicking or snapping sound.

The probe must then be fed through a probe slot after that. Typically, this lot is situated close to the hopper.

3. Let it into the meat

The meat probe must then be inserted into the meat. Make sure to place the probe on the meat’s thickest portion.

Try to place the probe further away from the bone if you are cooking chicken or ribs and there are bones in the flesh. Inaccurate results may come from contact with the bone.

Try to place the probe further away from the bone if you are cooking meat of chicken or ribs and there are bones in the flesh. Inaccurate results may come from contact with the bone.

When working with a fatty cut of meat, such as steaks, you should instead place the probe in the middle of the meat.

The meat shouldn’t ever be completely pierced. Simply insert it, being careful to prevent it from exiting from the other end.

The probe will make contact with the grills if it completely penetrates the meat. You will receive false results if you do this.

Also, watch out for the probe’s direct line of sight with the flame. This will give you a temperature for the meat that is considerably higher than it actually is.

4. Verify the display’s temperature

You may now use the display to check the meat’s temperature. The grill’s lid needs to be shut at all times. You may acquire the readings via the grill’s monitor or from any apps that you can connect to your smoker to access them.

5. Take away the meat probe

You must take out the meat probe after the meat is perfectly done. First, make sure the power is off before beginning. The probe tip should then be carefully removed from the flesh.

The meat probe should then be carefully removed from the meat after being unscrewed from the container. Avoid touching the heated probe tip at all costs.

6. Cleaning of meat probes

Maintaining a clean meat probe is crucial. On the probe, bacteria might accumulate and contaminate the sample. After each use, the probe needs to be cleaned.

Additionally, the meat probe needs to be cleaned before each usage. This will aid in limiting bacterial spread.

In order to clean the meat probe:

  • 5 minutes should be spent boiling the probe in water.
  • Bleach solution: Soak the probe for five minutes in a bleach solution. After using the probe, be sure to rinse it in clean water.
  • Alcohol: Soak the probe for five minutes in rubbing alcohol.
  • Vinegar: Soak the probe for five minutes in vinegar.
  • Dry the probe using a fresh towel.
  • Keep the probe in a spot that’s clean and dry.

When is the food cooked properly?

Your food is prepared once the internal temperature reaches the desired temperature you specify. To determine when food is done, use a meat probe to check the internal temperature of the item.

The simplest approach to determine doneness without losing heat is to check the internal temperature using a meat probe since you should only open the lid of your smoker when required.

There are several sizes and designs of Pit Boss meat probes available to accommodate various meal kinds. For larger slices of meat, use a longer probe; for smaller cuts, a shorter probe.

What to do if the meat probe on a Pit Boss isn’t working?

Guide to Troubleshooting

There are many potential causes why your Pit boss meat probe could not be working. This can be a damaged tip or a problematic probe.

Finding the issue is the first step towards solving the issue.

The first broken tip

On a Pit Boss Grill, the meat probe has a 3.5 mm jack. To make the probe work properly, this must be put into the control board.

This jack’s parts occasionally break off with use. Sometimes it falls off loosely after becoming jammed in the control board.

You will want a jack removal tool if the jack breaks and jams into the control board.

You may easily remove the damaged portion of the jack using this tool. With the aid of the tool, you may remove the jack without endangering the circuit board.

Faulty Pit Boss meat probe

Pit Boss meat probe is a mass product, therefore occasionally a user will receive a defective probe.

There is a good chance that the meat probes are broken if your probe stops working right away.

It’s possible that the Pit Boss manufacturers will provide you with one for free if you can contact them quickly with your complaint.

Final words

It’s a lot simpler to cook meat perfectly with the Pit Boss meat probes, and hopefully, this guide has shown you how to utilize a meat thermometer.

Before taking the meat off the Pit Boss smoker, I still advise using a digital handheld thermometer to confirm the temperature.

To determine how accurate the probes are, it’s always a good idea to gather readings from multiple thermometers.

I advise familiarizing yourself with the Pit Boss smoker manual to help you learn the ins and outs of your pellet grill if you’re still having problems using the meat probes.

Regardless of what you’re grilling, using the meat probes can make the process simpler!


How do you use a meat probe on a pellet grill?

Avoid contacting any bones or, in especially, the fatty region of the protein, and insert the probe into the thickest area of the protein. Put your ingredients on the hot grill. Either the grill controller display or the Traeger app can be used to check the food’s temperature.

Are the Pit Boss meat probes accurate?

In most cases yes. Pit Boss meat probe is more convenient to use than guessing if the meat is cooked or not.

However, there are times when the probes do not work properly due to they are massively produced and there might be a faulty one you purchased.

Do you leave meat probe in while cooking?

The thermometer probe should be inserted through the thickest section of the meat, away from any bones, fat, or gristle, to determine the temperature of a large piece of meat.

Allow the temperature probe to remain in the meat for approximately 10 seconds for the temperature to be recorded on the meat thermometer. Do not leave it there for the whole period of cooking on a Pit Boss smoker.

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