How To Use, Clean and Care Meat Carving Fork

The meat carving fork is an essential part of meat cooking, there is no denying this fact. A good carving fork offers several advantages when it comes to carving meat, however, to reap these benefits, the user/chef needs to use the meat carving fork, clean, and take care of the fork in the right way. This is why you need to read the facts and instructions mentioned below carefully.

How to use a meat carving fork?

Meat Carving Fork

It would be a waste of time to mention step by step on how to use the meat carving fork. Instead, we will provide you a few tips that you need to keep in mind while using a meat carving fork.

  1. Always use the meat carving fork on the meat after waiting for some time. Never go for the direct carving just after taking the meat out from cooking. Wait till the internal temperature drops below 122-degree Fahrenheit.
  2. If you want to make long-stroke cuts, then you need to use a sharp knife. Do not just rely on meat carving fork only.
  3. Always use the meat carving fork to hold the bones or joint steady. No matter what type of meat you are planning to carve, you should use the carving fork to hold down the bones or joints while you use a knife to carve the meat.
  4. It is best recommended that while you carve, take off the legs first with a simple vertical cut through the hip joint, use the carving fork to help in the cutting process. After cutting off the legs, you need to carve the breast as a whole. Use the fork to hold the bones in place.
  5. While carving lamb, hold the bone with the carving fork and then with the other hand use a sharp knife to make long strokes up and down the bone. Always move the knife away from your body.
  6. When it comes to beef, lamb, and pork, always carve maximum meat before it cools down completely. Once it cools down, the carving would be more time-consuming.

How to clean and take care of meat carving fork?

Cleaning and taking care of meat carving should be done based on the model of the carving fork.

Cleaning meat carving fork is easy, all you have to do is, soak the fork in warm water overnight and then in the morning use a soft scrubber and dish washing soap to clean it. Remember, not to use a harsh cleaning solution or hard scrubber on the carving fork.

When it comes to taking care of the carving fork, it is best recommended

  1. You do not leave them unclean for a long time
  2. Do not allow it to sit idle exposed to moisture and water.
  3. Hone the fork regularly to maintain the sharpness
  4. Do not wash a meat carving fork in a dishwasher
  5. If the manufacturer has any recommendations, follow it.

You must follow the instruction mentioned carefully and do not try to neglect any of the tips. Remember, a meat carving fork might be a simple accessory, but, if you use it the wrong way, it could be a mess.

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