How to Use a Meat Thermometer

Bacterias can easily affect raw meat. And eating that affected meat can cause several diseases like food poisoning also. If you are cooking a piece of meat, then you need to ensure that the food is bacteria-free. To ensure that you can use a meat thermometer. Most of the bacterias can’t survive in higher temperatures. That is why to make meat bacteria-free, you need to cook it properly at high temperatures. And by using a Meat Thermometer, you can check the meat’s temperature. A meat thermometer is very easy to use the device. But if you haven’t used it before then here we are with this fantastic informal post. This post will show you that how can you use a Meat thermometer properly.

Perfect Meat Thermometer:

First of all, you need to choose the best quality meat thermometer first. Because there are too many varieties present that can confuse an average person. That is why here we have a quick guide for you so that you can choose the best one for yourself.

  • The food cooks are still using oven-safe thermometers. Please put it in the thickest part of the food around two inches in the distance. And read it for some time 2 minutes is perfect reading time. These types of thermometer are mainly suitable for roasted meat, soops. But it is not ideal for thin foods.
  • You can use the digital and instant readable thermometer. These type of thermostat can stay in the food while the food is cooking. Just put the first inches of the food thermometer in the food and left there until food cooked. You can use these types of thermometers for thin and thick foods also.
  • Or you can use instant-read thermometers But you can not put it while cooking. Use it after done with cooking and then instantly check the temperature of food. You can also use it for thin and thick food.
  • Next is Pop-up thermometers. These types of food or meat thermometer are useful for poultry farmed chicken. You can put it in the food, and when the food touches the temperature limit, then it will inform you by pop up alert.
  • Thermometer-fork combination. These types of thermometers are useful to check the temperature of grilled food. Put the fork in the food and the sensor will provide an accurate temperature of food.
  • If you want to use a thermometer that can work inside the microwave oven, then Microwave-safe thermometers are only for you.
  • On the next spot, we have Disposable temperature indicators. It is not proper thermometer s, but it can indicate the approximate temperature of food. And remember one thing that this type of temperature indicator is for only one-time use.

How to use Meat Thermometer in the right way:

If you want to protect your self from food poisoning. Then it would help if you used a food thermometer for it. If you are not familiar with food or meat thermometer, then this quick guide will help you a lot in this situation.

  • Before using it on food or meat, the testing part is significant. This testing process is only for conformation that your meat thermometer is working. First of all, you need to test it through ice water or boiling water. And the check it, is it showing the correct temperature or not.
  • Thermometer placement is another significant factor. If you don’t know how to place a meat thermometer in the meat, then you will not get the accurate temperature from it. It will be useful if you put the thermometer into the thickest part of the flesh. And make sure that the meat thermometer is not touching the bone.

Placement of meat thermometer according to the meat:

Roasted lamb, beef or pork → put the thermometer in the thickest part of the flesh. Usually, try to put in the centre. And make sure that thermometer’s tip is not touching the bone or fat.

Whole poultry → Here, the process is also the same. Put the meat thermometer into the Deep fleshy part. And make sure to avoid bone for correct temperature.

Whole Turkey → To get an accurate temperature in turkey, put the thermometer into turkey’s chest part.

Poultry Parts → put the meat thermometer into the fleshy area. It will give you the correct and accurate temperature.

Ground Meat → To check the temperature of meatloaf put the thermometer through side parts to the centre. And for patties put it into the thin sections.

Fish → If you want to check the temperature of fish then put the thermometer in the middle part of the fish.

  • Do not do this process too quickly if you want to ensure that all bacterias eliminated and your food is risk-free. Then it would help if you waited for a recommended time. This period depends upon your thermometer and food/meat.
  • For meat products like raw beef, lamb, pork and veal steaks, etc. then check the temperature before removing them from heat source.
  • After the use of meat thermometer, wash it carefully with hot or soapy water for next time use. Doing this will prohibit the growth of bacterias and contamination on the meat thermometer.

Use this whole process if you haven’t used any meat or food thermometer before. We have covered all the leading and essential points here. If you are a new user of a meat thermometer, then you must need to know about these points.

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