How to Use a Meat Slicer?

The successful Chefs get admiration from the food-lovers for their expertise in cooking but most Chefs give credit to the nicely designed and well-supportive range of kitchenware tools. And Meat Slicer is one such tool which is highly preferred in the kitchen. Without meat slicer most of the non-vegetarian recipes will not be as yummy as they have to be.

A superior quality meat slicer is having a thickness and sharpness of a knife and it will cut the meat into any sizes uniformly without wasting time and energy.  You will not imagine life without having a meat slicer in your kitchen. When you wanted to a buy a meat slicer, you have to choose a slicer made of stainless steel, bigger in size, long durable and easy to clean. Some of the models of a slicer can be easily disassemble and reassemble again.

Let us discuss the functionality and design of both the meat slicers.

Meat Slicer

The Manual Meat Slicers

The hand-held slicer is used to cut the meat manually. It is required to cut the meat using strength and force together. One has to be careful while using slicer manually.

The manual meat slicers are most common and we have seen in the butcher shops over a long time. The sliders do not have electric component and are more labor incentive. These sliders are part of in the smaller sized kitchen where meat is sliced once in a while. The manual slicers are used to cut fruits, cheese, vegetables along with meat. The blade sizes are medium and one has to be careful while cutting the meat. The manual slicers are available at reasonable cost. The slicers are easy use and easy to clean.

Automatic meat slicer

It is a slicer with an electric motor, which saves time & labor. It also has the option to switch off the automatic function and use it manually. The cutting blade of the slicer varies from 9 -14 inches. The carriage size of the slicer should be bigger so it can slice meat in larger size. The slicer remains safe and secured even after longer usage. The commercial meat slicers are easy to use for longer hours and eliminate all the work done manually. The slicers are made up of spotless and durable stainless steel. The blades are sharp, rust-free and designed to run for longer hours. The blades remain clean and sharper without any residue during slicing process. It can easily cut thickest part of meat or frozen meat easily. The slicer runs on the 0.4HP copper motor having of 320 watts of power consumption. The transformer works smoothly without any interruptions or short circuits. The slicer has waterproof switches and can cut the meat uniformly for long hours. Both the manual and electric meat slicers have some advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the best one that satisfies all your needs.

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