How To Use A Meat Injector

Some time It disappoints us that how our freshly grilled chicken or turkey is not as tasty and juicy as expected. No one wants to degrade well-fried gravy meat. It is challenging when meats that appear to dry out quickly. And of course, that rubbing ingredients, planning and preparation for meat takes time. After doing all the hard work, you expect delicious, tender meat. Both methods you can quickly try at home for this brining and marinade injections. Injecting can be an excellent way to ensure that after you finish cooking, the chicken or turkey will be delicious and juicy. The injection method works well to turn raw meat into moist and juicy. Injection differs from marinading but maybe a bit closer to it. But first, let us talk about what is a meat injector is in actual and how it works. Also, how it can use it for cooking delicious meat.

Meat injector and how it works

A meat injector does not differ from a hypodermic needle. Perhaps you saw it on TV or in one of the barbecues of your mates. In actual, It is more substantial than a hypodermic needle. Meat injector looks like a large needle with a big syringe. In the market, there are too many types of meat injectors present nowadays. They are also available in various dimensions based on the meat and the marinade you use. There are two styles of needles. One of which is usually used for marinades with bits of goose or other spices, while a wider one fits very well for a thin liquid marinade. If you have a narrow needle injector that you can see in a marinade and pieces of herbs etc., go with a food processor. We are sure that you came to know that what is the meat injector and how it works. Now let us talk about how you can choose a perfect meat injector for yourself. We are saying this because there are too many varieties present in the market. That can confuse you a bit.

How to choose perfect meat injector:

Here is a quick guide that will show you what are the significant points you need to keep in mind while buying a meat injector.

  • Go with an option that can provide the facility to wash it into dish wash directly. It will be an easy and safe option for you. And also, you do not need to spend a lot of time to clean it.
  • In the market, you will see metallic and plastic built meat injectors. If you want to use a meat injector for the long term then without any hesitation go with metallic option. It will great if you go with stainless steel built meat injector. But good quality plastic meat injector can also give you a decent performance.
  • Before purchasing meat injector, make sure that buy two needles with it. One syringe will help you for the thin liquid marinade and another one for the thick marinade.
  • Decide the dip size according to your desires while a significant dip means that the smaller refilled. And medium refills are decent enough for home cooking.
  • There are also some fancy meat injectors present in the market. But we suggest you purchase a meat injector according to your budget.

How to use a meat injector

  • You can use the meat injector with and type of meat or with any recipe. It will be useful if you try all recipe one by one after some time. Meat injection is a straightforward process to do. Anyone can master it after a bit of practice.
  • First of all, you need to prepare the whole recipe before injecting the meat. Prepare the marinade first. And try to make it a thin as possible. Because doing this will ensure that the marinade will smoothly pass through the injector needle.
  • Cut the garlic and herbs very fine. Because if your marinade has chunks, then it won’t be straightforward to inject it through meat injector. And one more thing, keep the sault level maintain in the marinade. Only take 2% salt of the overall weight of the recipe.
  • Now take the meat injector and put the marinade inside it. And make sure to cover or dip the needle of meat injector in vegetable oil. It will allow the needle to pass through the meat very smoothly. So this is a must-do step before injecting.
  • Before you start the injection process, cover up the meatloaf with a thin plastic film. Because if you begin to the injection process without covering up the meatloaf, then it can reverse spray on you by tiny cracks of meat.
  • Now carefully inject the marinade into the meat. Fill the injector with the marinade and then press it in the meatloaf. If you want to inject turkey, then do it carefully. Because in turkey meat there are many tiny cavities present in the flesh. That is why whenever you inject the marinade in turkey, do it only horizontally. In this manner, you can do this process smoothly, without any problems.
  • After injecting completed, take the meatloaf for some time to settle the marinade inside it. By doing this, it will give a tremendous delicious test. After that, you can start cooking or grilling as you want.


Here in this post, we have talked about how you can master the meat injection process. First, we have discussed how you can choose the best meat injector from the market because there is too much confusion to buy a meat injector. We have provided a quick guide that will help you to purchase the best one for your home kitchen. After that, we have explained the meat injection process in a straightforward way. Anyone can master this process by reading this post. It would help if you did some practice. Also, we have listed some essential points that you need to keep in mind before start meat injection. So read this post till the end.

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