How To Use a Meat Grinder – 3 Tips From Butcher

Grinding meat is not that tough. But if you’re using a meat grinder for the first time, then you need to understand how it works and how it will help you to grind the meat. To get the best output from the meat grinder, you need to know several things before using it. This learning process will not take too much time. But also, there are some essential things you need to keep in mind — things like the temperature of meat, other ingredients, and some waste meat parts. This whole process will help you a lot to use a meat grinder in a very safe way, Before grinding the meat, you need to slice the meat. If it is possible for you, then try to slice meat in fragile pieces. Slicing the meat will ensure that the meat will quickly shove into the meat grinder. The second step is also essential to do. Wrap the sliced meat pieces in plastic foil or plastic wrap. Now the most important thing that you have to do is, keep the pieces/slices of meat that are wrapped in plastic foil in the freezer for thirty to forty minutes. It is crucial to reduce the temperature of the meat pieces. By doing this, the meat will come out quickly and smoothly through the grinder. This process will give you benefits while grinding the meat.

Best Tips To Use a Meat Grinder

How To Use a Meat Grinder

In addition to meat, you should also keep the meat grinder parts in the freezer, such as grinding plates and cutting parts. Along with the meat pieces, keeping all the parts of the grinder cold also makes meat grinding even easier. After the cooling process, attach all the parts to the grinder and put the ingredients into the blender or grinder. Choosing ingredients depend upon each person’s taste. For example, you can use elements like garlic and herbs also. If you want to grind the meat in a large quantity, then you need to keep the meat pieces in a cold place or on a block of ice. Keeping meat cool can decrease or prohibit the growth of bacteria on any meat. We will suggest you keep meat pieces in a bowl of ice. And after grinding, the ground meat also needs to be cooled. It is time to switch on the meat grinder and use it. And read the instructions or actions of the buttons that you can see on the meat grinder. Now you can start grinding the meat. And one more piece of advice is, to keep your hands and workspace clean for safety purposes. Also, make sure that while grinding the meat, keep cooling the meat pieces and even the ground meat.

Things To Keep In Mind While Using Meat Grinder

There are other things you should know to guarantee that your electric meat grinder brings you the best possible results.

  • It would be best if you took off or cut off the tendons and all the other connective tissues, including the ligaments, as far as possible. You should remove the fat before using the meat grinding device. But it is totally upon you. You can also grind fat with meat.
  • Before grinding the meat slices or pieces, you should always put meat through a base plate. If you do not do this, then there is a risk of stopping your grinder, so the quality of your finished product will not be right.
  • When there are more tendons in the meat, they get stuck inside the grinder, and it will make a mushy texture. To resolve this problem, you need to clean your knife, plate, and meat grinder parts regularly. The thing to remember is regular cleaning is necessary.
  • Once you stop processing or grinding, some meat will always leave inside the grinder. It is a good idea to put the bread slice through the meat grinder so that it removes all remaining meat pieces instead. It is good instead of letting all the remaining raw products go to waste. The breadcrumbs can then be thrown away or added to the rest.
  • It’s always better to keep it tidy, to be on the safe side. Since you do not have to handle the meat as often as you do for manual meat grinders, make sure you always have your hands and workspace washed to prevent a chance of cross-contamination. It would be better if raw meat did not take any chance.

So, these were all the things you need to know before grinding the meat. Here we have discussed almost all the essential points and given tips that you should keep in mind while grinding the meat. These tips will help you to get full benefits from your grinder no matter what type of meat grinder you have. Do all the processes as we listed in the above points, and it is a guarantee that you will finish meat grinding without any problem.

Type of Meat Grinders

There are commonly two types of meat grinders present in the market. One of them is manual, and the other one is an electric meat grinder. Here we’re going to give you a quick look at these meat grinders.

Manual Meat Grinder

These types of grinders are usually portable. You don’t need electricity for these manual meat grinders. This meat that you can grind the meat anywhere. Because there is no electric motor inside the manual meat grinders, that is why they are very lightweight as compared to the electric meat grinders. You can buy a manual meat grinder at a meager price from the market. They are not too expensive as electric meat grinders. Because there is no electric motor present inside it. You need to grind the meat with the help of rolling the handle of the manual meat grinder. Maybe it is quite challenging to do. Do not purchase if you want to grind meat daily. Due to the absence of electric motors, they are very slow as compared to the electric meat grinder.

Electric Meat Grinder

Electric meat grinders are fast and more efficient as compared to manual meat grinders. These types of meat grinders can grind more meat per minute as compared to the manual one. Because an electric meat grinder can quickly grind the meat, you don’t need to worry about meat’s temperature. You will not get any problems while using Electric meat grinders because they are straightforward to use. And the central part is, you don’t need to use both of your hands. That means less content with meat while grinding. They are way more expensive than manual meat grinders. Without electricity, you can’t grind the meat.


In short, it depends upon you what type of grinder you want to use to grind. If you have enough power and no problem with your arm, then you can go with the manual option. Along with the type of grinders, we have given quick tips to you that how you can perfectly grind the meat. If you follow the step-by-step process, then it is sure that the end product that you will get after grinding, will be of good quality. But the most important factor is cleaning or washing your hands and your workspace. If you will keep everything arranged, then you can do the grinding process in very less time and will get good quality also.

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