How To Use A Meat Cleaver

When you are in kitchen, you need some very good knives for making your job easier. There are different types of knives used for different purposes like fillet knife, paring knife, bread knife, chef’s knife and the list goes on. When it comes to meat, a meat cleaver is the best. They are large especially suitable for meat. The blade of the cleaver is broad enough. With such broad blade and tough cleaver, you can easily cut into carcass, tough bones like beef bones, separate chicken thighs without having mess and it can be done quite fast. These meat cleavers are not necessarily for meat users, they can be used by vegetarians also. Tough vegetables or fruits like pineapple or pumpkin can be easily chopped using the meat cleaver. However, the best usage of the meat cleaver is with meat. This if you try to achieve with normal knife, you might end up getting shattered meat, broken knife or cutting your fingers. So, meat cleaver is an essential tool in your home if you work with meat more often. In this article, we are giving details on how to use a meat cleaver. If you are using it for the first time or want to know how to use it properly, read through and get the idea of cutting your meat seamlessly.

=> Before going into the actual process, you first need to know how to hold it. There are two ways that can be used to hold this cleaver. The first method is called first grip. In this grip, you need to choose an area closer to the blade, then curl your four fingers other than the thumb on one side and the thumb on other side. This grip is mostly used by everyone. The second method is the second grip. For this, you need to be more careful as you use index finger and thumb. Place the index finger on one side on the blade and thumb on the other side. Professionals use this grip.

=> The first step when you are using a meat cleaver is to set up the cutting board. This board should stay stable on your work area. This can be achieved by using good gripper sheets underneath the board.

=> Then you need to decide which part of your meat is significant and make sure to chop accordingly. For example, when you cut a duck in two halves, make sure to select the center and rock your cleaver to make it exactly into half. When you want to chop your meat into pieces, you need to hold the meat at one end tightly and start chopping from other end to achieve the perfect chop.

=> After this, you need to choose the grip type for the cleaver to hold. You need to use the energy from the cleaver too. In this way, you will not strain your arm too much. Swing your wrist gracefully and then use the force from the blade of the cleaver to get maximum chop. You should be aware of your angle of the cleaver especially when you use wooden cutting board. As, a slight angle from cleaver can split the board in a bad way.

=> After going through all the steps, it is important to check the meat whether done properly or not. Most of the time, it requires another slicing. When chopping through your meat, if you get a clean cut, then you are lucky. However, don’t get disappointed if bits and pieces are left on the meat while chopping. These can be removed by slicing them off. Also, when cutting through bones, sometimes it is difficult to cut through the bone first time itself. Then just use your other hand also, to exert pressure on the cleaver. This slices off the bone easily.

=> Once you chop all your meat neatly, it is important that the cleaver and the cutting board are cleaned properly. As we all know that any traces on these areas from meat can make your cutting board, cleaver to smell. So, use a proper soap and clean them after each use to stay hygienic. So, these are the steps that you need to follow while using a meat cleaver.

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