10 Most Essential Kitchen Tools For Cooking Meat

There are some important tools that are needed for kitchen for everyday use. If you are a protein lover and often prepares recipes which feature protein as the main ingredient, you will require some very important kitchen tools for making your job easier while cooking meat. Some might not be knowing that there are kitchen tools for specific job which makes the process much simpler. In this article, we are going to present the most essential kitchen tools that are needed for cooking meat. Read through and get an idea of these tools to purchase and use them. Let us get started.

1. Boning Knife

There are many types of knives available in the market for different purposes. You do not need to have them all. However, if you are a person who cooks meat regularly, then a boning knife is a very good companion for you. They are usually 5 to 8 inches lengthwise and the blade is super thin. This is necessary as fileting meat is quite a big and difficult task. Using a boning knife, this job is much simpler to do. You can filet, debone and cut a bird after it is roasted. Flexible ones are good when you are working with smaller meat.

2. Meat Thermometer

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One of the key elements in cooking meat perfectly is the temperature that it reaches from inside. If you approximate or estimate the time to cook, the meat definitely gets under cooked or overcooked and your recipe might not look the way you wished. For this exact purpose, a meat thermometer comes into play. This when used, gives you the perfect temperature from inside of the meat so that you know when to stop cooking the meat.

3. Cast Iron Skillet

One of the strongest skillets available is the cast iron pans. It can withstand very high temperatures and it is exactly what a meat requires. This makes the meat cook properly without burning. Also, thorough cleaning of the skillet is not necessary which makes the skillet a very good appliance to use.

4. Spice grinder

Meat requires all kinds of spices or sauces for preparing it and cooking. Most of the people prefer to make their own rubs. When you do so, a freshly ground spice mixture gives the maximum of flavours. So, a spice grinder is a good essential in the kitchen. Whenever you wish to cook meat, all you need to do is grind the spices in the grinder.

5. Dutch Oven

Whenever you wish to roat a whole duck or a bird, a dutch oven is your go to appliance. This makes sure that the entire meat is roasted properly by evenly heating the oven.

6. Brining bag

Almost every recipe which involves meat, requires a marinade of some kind. They can be with sauces, rubs or simply lemon juice. Whatevr might be your marinade, it is important to make the marinade easily without messing around in the kitchen. For this purpose, brining bags are a very useful tools to marinade your meat perfectly. You can place the meat, then your liquids, sauces or rubs in the bag, mix it well and marinade it overnight or for some hours.

7. Rolling pin

Sometimes, when you get bored with the normal recipes, you just want to have a cutlet fried. For this purpose, meat slice should be thin enough to get properly fried. Normally, it is a difficult task. However, with the heavy rolling pin, you can place your meat slice between plastic covers and press it using the rolling pin. It makes your meat thin in no time. Then all you need is to cover the slice with some batter or flour and fry it.

8. Cheesecloth

You can use cheesecloths for multiple purposes. Specially for meat, you can cover your cured meat with this cheesecloth. In addition to that, you can always use it to make sauces by straining the cooked liquid.

9. Twine

Meat often requires trussing, tying, hanging, etc., For these purposes, a kitchen twine is extremely useful and it ensures the meat to be cooked perfectly.

10. Toothpick

Whenever you are making small meat recipes, it is sometimes necessary to secure their parts. For this purpose, a toothpick is perfect. These are the 10 most essential kitchen tools required to cook meat.

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