Electric Meat Slicer Vs. Manual Meat Slicer: Which Is Better?

Meat slicers are a better option than ordinary knives for slicing a piece of meat. When you need to slice a large piece of meat into small pieces of the same size, nothing can beat the efforts of meat slicers. With a meat slicer, anyone can cut the meat pieces beautifully for their cooking. Also, a meat slicer allows you to cut fruits and vegetables efficiently for your dishes.

But when it comes to choosing a meat slicer, everybody gets confused between electric meat slicers and manual meat slicers. Though both the devices do the same job, there is a difference in their operation. So it is very hard to decide which is the better option? However, here is the difference between electric meat slicer and manual meat slicer to help you in making a reliable decision.

Electric Meat Slicer:

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Electric meat slicers contain a motor that drives the blade for cutting the meat pieces. These types of meat slicers are operated electrically and usually are automatic devices. Also, some electric meat slicers come with an additional motor to drive the food carriage. As it is operated electrically, you can cut the meat into your preferred size effortlessly compared to a manual meat slicer. Also, if you can’t apply a certain amount of force to cut the meat, then an electric meat slicer is a safer option for you. Apart from that, there is little or no chance of getting injured with an electric meat slicer.

One downside of electric meat slicer is you can’t slice the meat pieces when there is no electricity. If you are running a restaurant, then you may have to slice the meat manually in that situation. But if you use it for domestic purposes, then you can wait until the electricity supply resumes for cutting the meat pieces.

Manual Meat Slicer:

In a manual meat slicer, one needs to rotate the blade manually to slice the meat. Therefore, you need to put lots of effort to slice meat with a manual meat slicer. Also, the operator needs to have more muscle power to slice the meat conveniently. However, for slicing a large amount of meat, a manual meat slicer is not an appropriate option. So, manual meat slicers can’t be considered for commercial purposes. But you can use it for slicing a small amount of meat at home.

If you talk about safety, then electric meat slicers are better than manual meat slicers. As one needs to operate the manual meat slicer by hand with lots of force, there are chances of getting injured if he/she loses the balance. So, those who have muscle power and casually slice the meat can consider using a manual meat slicer. But for a large amount of meat, this device can’t be a good option.


Both manual and electric meat slicers can cut the meat into your desired size. Manual meat slicers use human power for operation while electric meat slicers run automatically with electricity. So, you can consider both of them according to your needs.

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