Different Types of Meat Thermometers and Their Benefits

When it comes to cooking the meat perfectly, one must consider using a meat thermometer. Usually, many people check whether the meat is cooked or not by measuring the cooking time or simply guessing it. But can you be sure that the meat is getting cooked perfectly?

The meat should be cooked properly to offer healthy food to you. Therefore, meat thermometers are the must-have device for any kitchen. Usually, there are three major types of meat thermometers, namely digital instant-read thermometers, thermocouples, and dial thermometers. These thermometers differ in accuracy and reading style.

Digital instant-read meat thermometers:

digital meat thermometer

These types of thermometers respond faster but not as the thermocouples. They can be inserted about 0.5 inches into the meat for a measurement. Also, digital instant read meat thermometers are affordable and easy to use. However, it can’t be left in the meat while cooking.


Thermocouples are ideal for the fastest response compared to all types of meat thermometers. They have a thin tip to get inserted into small and large meat pieces with ease. You can insert a thermocouple about 0.25 inches to check the doneness. But these meat thermometers are costly and not suitable to leave in the meat while cooking.

Dial meat thermometers:

Dial thermometers come at an affordable price and are ideal for monitoring while cooking large pieces of meat. They need to be inserted 2 to 2.5 inches into the meat for a measurement. Also, a dial meat thermometer can take up to 2 minutes for a reading. Unlike digital meat thermometers, you may not read the readings on a dial meat thermometer quickly. One plus point of this meat thermometer is it can be left in the meat while cooking for real-time monitoring.

Benefits of using meat thermometers:

Stops overcooking:

Whenever you try some special meat items at home, you need to make it perfect for your enjoyment. But if you don’t monitor the heat, then the meat may get overcooked and spoil all your arrangements. Therefore, you can consider using a meat thermometer to stop cooking when it gets cooked to the right temperature.

Offers healthy food:

Some particular pieces of meat should be cooked at a certain temperature to ensure all the bacteria are killed. By using a meat thermometer, you can measure the heat and make sure that the meat is healthy to have.

Keeps the right temperature:

When you leave the meat out of the fridge for a long time, it may get affected by bacteria. If the meat is cool, then you need to check its temperature to make sure that the meat can be eaten. So, by using a meat thermometer, you can measure the temperature of the meat to check whether the meat is edible or not.


Meat thermometers are an essential device to cook the meat properly. If you want to make your meat dishes tasty and healthy, then you must consider using a meat thermometer for that. Also, you can avail many benefits by using the right type of meat thermometer.

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