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Chopping ingredients for meals is a repetitive task in every kitchen, made possible with the help of a cutting board. After experiments with new cooking methods and recipes, the varieties of boards have improved, such as wooden boards. They are practical as well as attractive, whether they can be used as a wooden cutting board or a beautiful serving platter. The biggest advantage of a wooden board is that it reduces the effort of cutting, putting it in the oven, and then serving it on the table.

Buy Best Wooden Meat Serving Platter Reviewed 2022

Additionally, it enables you to better display the meat with an instant authentic touch than with glass servings or traditional ceramic platters. If you’re going to buy a wooden platter for your restaurant or home, you should consider multiple options. This way of selection will help you determine which suits your need. In this article, here are the top three meat serving platters mentioned for you.

#1. Charity Leaf Serving Tray and Platter


Charity Leaf Serving Tray and Platter

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Charity Leaf Platter cum Serving Tray complements your any occasion, from holiday gathering to wedding, outdoor event, BBQ, picnic or any camping trip. As it comes with a rustic bamboo appearance, it will enhance any party or occasion. The platter is handcrafted using palm leaves that are completely organic. Moreover, it is free from chemicals or toxins that leech into food, hence you can serve meat or any other food freshly and heathier. This 100% eco-friendly platter is also safe for microwave heat and baking freezer. 

The fact is that it natural and no trees are cut to produce charity leaf serving trays. Even, you can use a knife or fork for making a slice or piece since the wood is robust enough, therefore there is no risk of being leaked or stabled. Another best thing about the platter is it can be used for baking as well. 


  • It is microwave and oven safe.
  • Made of natural and completely safe bamboo.


  • It doesn’t have visual appeal.

#2. Unique Bamboo Board, Charcuterie Platter


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Unique Bamboo board by Royal Craft’s wood is designed with premium class creativity to meet buyers’ desires. If you’re looking for a platter with a unique aesthetic and higher capacity, this would be an excellent option. This board allows you to arrange and display a wide range of multiple platters as you like. It was thoughtfully crafted to accommodate all serving requirements as it has various compartments for fruits, nuts, crackers, olives, etc. As it is made of natural bamboo material, you can operate sharp knifes blades with it. It helps to prevent knives from blunting and keeping the board new and long-lasting. However, the platter is built for versatile use; you can use it as a serving tray or a chopping board. 

Moreover, it is odour and water-resistant, making it the perfect kitchen tool for serving guests and food preparation. Since it comes with a 1-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee, it is easy to replace or return money if there is any damage found on a platter. 


  • This serving tray is durable and sturdy.
  • It is perfect for every occasion.


  • It is a bit expensive.

#3. Stedware Charcuterie Cheese Board

Stedware Charcuterie Cheese Board

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Stedware is an extra-large bamboo platter on this list; so you’re able to serve food without any mess. The board include several accessories, such as crackers, three ceramic antipasto dishes, a set of cheese knives, and a snack tray. However, it is perfect for family get-togethers, dinner parties, or romantic evenings. This board make a perfect gift for any couple’s engagement, food lover’s house warming, wedding registry, mother’s or father’s day, birthdays, Christmas and anniversary. It has equipped with non-slip to prevent spills and slips. Talking about construction, it is made from high-class organic Moso bamboo, which is non-porous and resistant to odour. The material is extremely durable, strong, yet it won’t dull your knives.


  • It offers an extra-large serving area.
  • The whole set is great for gifting.


  • Not found.

How to Pick a Wooden Meat Serving Platter?

As we mentioned, a serving platter is an essential tool used for a variety of tasks, including chopping, chopping and serving meat, vegetables, salads, nuts, etc. These boards keep your food counters clean and prevent damage to your knife blades. If you are having questions about how to choose a meat serving platter that best suits your cooking style, read this section.  In this section, we have mentioned a few aspects that you need to pay attention to while buying a meat serving platter.

  • Quality

Be ensure, the board you’re going to choose doesn’t crack or warp easily. Plus, it will not damage or dull your knife’s blade. Plus, it should be thick and spacious to provide room space for hassle-free serving and bites. This way, you can prevent damage to your knives as compared to glass, marble, or plastic boards. 

  • Convenience & Maintenance

When it comes to choosing a wooden platter, you have the choice between the edge grain and end grain. The foremost allow you to cut with the wood fibres, which are easier to clean, and generally more durable as compared to end grain. Also, it keeps your knife’s blade even sharpers for long period. They are also more inclined to expand. Edge grain boards, on the other side, are a cost-effective option. They will tolerate knife cuts on their base even faster than end grain. Moreover, they are less disposed to the components, such as juice and water. 

  • Design and Style

You should consider the aesthetic appeal of the board apart from the health concerns and durability. The serving board can serve as a cheese board, chopping board and display a wide variety of food ingredients. 

Final Words:

These days, be it five-star restaurants or less popular hotels, most of them serve food on a platter to impress their guests and customers. So, what are you waiting for? This is the right time for you to adopt a new style of serving meat, starters, and other food to rock your events, occasions and party. 

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