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Serving boards, better known as cutting boards, are an essential tool for your personal and restaurant kitchen setup. Be it is cutting seafood, meat, and poultry or delicately presenting food, a serving board comes in handy. The Best meat serving platters will help you not only while preparing the dishes but also in serving. Presenting signature recipes or recipes with a serving board will ensure that you’re able to impress your guests and visitors. Apart from plenty of benefits, some drawbacks also come along. These may include the chance of messing around, accidental injuries, and collection of contaminating on surfaces. 

Buy Best Meat Serving Board Reviewed 2022

To avoid transmitting bacteria and injuring the knife blade, you need to be aware when working with it. Make sure the surface of the board should be clean and wiped thoroughly at every use.  Still, it will be helpful in any number of ways, from cutting, displaying or serving colourful dishes. Here we come up with the top three meat serving boards that you can check out online.

#1. LUX American Serving Board – Oval Shape


LUX American Serving Board - Oval Shape


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This oversized serving board by LUX LOVE LIFE LUXURY will provide a space for chopping, slicing, and serving large batch of food at your home, hotel, or restaurants. As it has a varnished finish & rounded edge, which give this board a premium look. For surface protection, it features four EVA feet. The construction of the board is well-built since it is made of white American Ook wood with a perfect dimension. You can use it as a cheese board, serving board or cutting board, as it will perfectly match with any cooking step. The highlighting factor about a product, it offers in shrink-wrap & colour label, making it a beautiful and practical gift for a wedding, holidays, Christmas, housewarming, thanksgiving day, engagement party, housewarming, or another special day. 


  • The refundable and return policy has been offered. 
  • It is an oversized large board.


  • Made in China.

#2. LUX American Serving Board – Round Shape

LUX American Serving Board - Round Shape

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This is another serving board by LUX on this list, the only difference is shape. Like the previous board, it is also made of white American Oakwood, and as a cheese board & cutting board. The varnished finish and rounded edges make the board premium and sophisticated for cutting to serving. Plus, it includes four EVA feet to avoid surfaces from getting damaged. The board measures 18.9 x 18.9 x 0.7 inches and weighs 5.34 pounds. It is one of the thickest models on this list, ideal for using serving purposes. Additionally, it is very easy to clean by using warm & soapy water. To make it smooth and avoid scratching, apply food-grade oil regularly. Keep in mind that is not safe for dishwasher cleaning and oven use. 


  • The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • It is an ideal gift for any occasion.


  • Handles may crack when not used properly.

#3. Shanik Premium Charcuterie Board


Shanik Premium Charcuterie Board

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If you’re looking for a compartment style serving board, this would be the perfect one. This board is made from premium-grade natural acacia wood, which is well-known for its rich contrasting colours, density, and naturally appealing. It features three even compartments on one of the sides that will allow you to put your crackers, snacks, bread, or cheese cubes. Shanik board is ideal for cutting, but also can be used as a serving board. The base is smooth, shiny and perfectly constructed to cut the meat. The perfect size of the board will help display a wide array of delicious snacks & starters. This way you can simply showcase your presentation skills. However, it offers versatility and functionality as well. It is a unique cheese board designed to be elegant to make your cooking task easier when it comes to planning occasions or party dinners. 


  • The premium-grade natural wood is used to produce this board.
  • It comes with a compartment style.


  • It is a very expensive product.

How To Pick The Best  Serving Board?

As we discussed earlier, a serving board is a must-have tool for every professional and unprofessional kitchen. Whether cutting vegetables or poultry items for the preparation of food, a serving board plays a vital role. A dual-purposed board is not only helping in serving but also displaying your recipes. If you are just starting to choose aboard, it can be difficult for you as there are many options available from a wide range of brands. So, you need to keep certain aspects in mind while buying a serving board. These include:


A majority of people like to go with a plastic serving board as it is typically considered the perfect option. Furthermore, it has a nonporous surface and is dishwasher safe. Boards made of wood or bamboo cannot tolerate dishwasher cleaning, also difficult to clean. Damage and even breakage can occur once exposed to heat and moisture. Some wooden models may require seasoning with food-grade oil regularly. Wooden serving and cutting boards are durable, knife-friendly, saving them from damage even faster. Also, they will allow making a beautiful presentation. 

Non-Slip Edge

Boards that slip and slide on the countertop when you try to cut meat or vegetables are not only irritating but hazardous. Luckily, a modern model has improved by featuring non-slip edges and a safe surface to prevent moving. You can solve this issue by availing a weighted & toughened board, at the same time, it is difficult to carry. Plus, it is hard to clean when it comes to manual washing.

Style & Size

A large size serving board with different compartments is ideal for displaying multiple pieces of meat, vegetables, or any other item beautifully while a small size board is ideal for regular home use. The flat base of the board will enhance the chance of creating mess and destroying the aesthetic appeal of the dish.  

Final Words

A recipe becomes remarkable when cooked thoroughly with enough ingredients and flavours and presented differently. For that, you must have a right serving board; it will probably be your cooking companion. As a result, the unique flavours will be on another level with the presentation.

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