Best BBQ Meat Platter 2022- Expert Reviews & Guide

BBQ or barbecue is a widely popular outdoor meal prepared for a large crowd, consisting of chicken, fish or meat roasted over a charcoal or wood fire with vegetables. There are several dishes that you can cook with less fat and avoid oil on a BBQ. When you BBQ or grill outside, it tends to be a social type of cooking, which makes sense that you can collect your family or friends around a BBQ, share the joy and recall your childhood memories. An outdoor BBQ party or get together is incomplete without a BBQ meat platter. Along with the tastes and delicacies, it is essential to present your emotions and BBQ skills through the BBQ platter. Nowadays, the trend of buying customized BBQ Platter is popular among buyers. 

Buy Best BBQ Meat Platter Reviews 2022

Whether your dad is a professional chef or specialized in grilling, you can choose customized options for father’s day to make him feel special. However, several capable brands on the market manufacture several BBQ platter options. This may get you confused as to which one best serves the purpose and is worth the price. To make the selection easier, we’ve come up with three BBQ Platters that can be part of your group grilling.

#1. Just So Posh Wood Grain Plastic Platter


Just So Posh Wood Grain Plastic Platter


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The first BBQ Platter by Just So Posh has heat pressed design that will not peel off. The sturdy, robust and practical platter is purely manufactured in the USA. The product measures 14 x 10 x 1 inches and weighs 1.4 pounds, making the platter lightweight, and capable of displaying your favourite BBQ recipe. Since it is made from food-safe plastic; therefore it is not porous and doesn’t contain BPA, formaldehyde, and Melamine. In fact, it is safe for use in the Dishwasher and Microwave, there is no risk of being damaged or cracked whether washed using hands or in the dishwasher. You can choose from a platter in different colours, as it is offered in Whitewash Wood, Antique Oak Wood, Natural Wood, Old Gray Wood, Patina and Sunburst Wood. You can customize any text on it that you want. There are no extra charges for customization.


  • These platters are made of premium quality plastic.
  • Available in different colours.


  • The platter has a small size.

#2. Harper Livingston BBQ Platter

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Make your outdoor BBQ meal fun and memorable by opting for a Harper Livingston BBQ Platter. The platter is perfect for everyone for every occasion. The brand is itself popular producing a wide range of plates and platters, which are manufactured in the USA. All of these are made of a kid-safe ThermoSaf polymer. This will ensure safe cooking & serving; moreover, it is dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe material. The resin makes the platter unbreakable, and safe free from BPA, Formaldehyde, and Melamine. Also, it is safe for oven, dishwasher, and microwave use & cleaning. Users should not that platters from Harper are customized on the order. So, if you plan to gift it to your father, children or friend, you should order it. 


  • It measures 10 x 14 x 0.75 inches.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Safe for dishwasher cleaning, and Microwave & oven use.


  • Not found.

#3. Tiny Expressions – Personalized BBQ Grill Platter 


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Are you looking for a unique gift for your father on his birthday or father’s day? Then, this product is correct for you. This personalized platter is the perfect present for your uncles, dad, grandfather or friend. This 10×14 inch serving or grill platter has been made of ThermoSaf polymer that is completely durable, microwave safe, oven safe, and BPA free. 

Make your father feel special by personalizing his first, last or nickname on it. Thus, it is a mix of elegance, functionality and durability. Since it is made in the USA & manufactured in America, making it competent among all. Furthermore, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This BPA-free grill platter will surely love by your father as it features customized design and premium quality. More than that, it got maximum ratings and reviews on this list.


  • It has the ideal size.
  • Best gift for father, grandfather, and uncle.


  • It is a bit expensive.

How To Pick a Best BBQ Meat Platter?

From preparing the BBQ recipe to the presentation, the BBQ platter plays an important role. This outdoor meal allows spending valuable time with loved ones, family, and friends. When it comes to buying BBQ Platter, there are limited options that are customized to the buyer’s order. There is no specific design you’ll find, you can just draw text on them which is perfect for Father’s Day and Birthdays. Still, certain aspects that you’ll look for while buying a BBQ Meat Platter. These include size, brand, material, and price. Let’s briefly discuss them:

  • Size

Before buying a BBQ platter, consider how many people you are going to survey the plate with. A small size platter gives you restriction on food batch which wastes both effort and time. With an extra-large sized platter, on the other side, you’ll be able to present a large batch of food beautifully. This factor concludes that the size matter’s a lot when it comes to BBQ recipes on a platter.

  • Material

Most popular material like polymer is used to produce a BBQ platter. The material is durable, free from BPA or any other harsh chemicals. Moreover, it is dishwasher and oven safe. Some platter models are made of plastic which might not be safe for high temperatures. Premium-quality plastic can only withstand the temperature of the oven or microwave and is safe for both manual & dishwasher cleaning. Before going to finalize any platter dish, make sure which material is used in it.

  • Brand

The popular brand only provides better sales services and guarantees. If you are going to consider a cheap quality platter, it will be cheap but the chances of it getting spoiled increase. So, ensure the brand is neither so popular nor too less known.

Final Words:

This guide is about the top ten BBQ platters for your serving grilling or BBQ recipes. 

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